Website Information


Let me start by saying that the website does NOT belong to the organization or the borough of Runnemede. They do not pay for the site to be published online nor do I ask for anything from the organization. This is pure voluntary.


The website was started for two reasons. The first was to get the information out that we had a sports organization in town and to provide a way for parents and children to stay in touch with what is going on in town with the local organization, whether it is checking on a game schedule or when are sign ups coming. It is about getting the information out. The second reason and most important is that I wanted the kids to be able to see their accomplishments posted for everyone to see. The kids love to read about themselves or their teams online. It is fact that kids spend more time online than ever before; why not give them something good to read.


This is ALL about the kids!!!     


I do my best to keep the site updated with the latest information and schedule changes. Sometimes things donít get posted or it may be a little late, but just remember this is run by one person and as a volunteer I do my best. I always do my best to make sure that everything is accurate and correct, but that may not always happen. I just wanted to make sure everyone understands that this site is NOT run or owned by anyone other than myself. It is for informational purposes only, nothing more nothing less. Let the kids see their name in the lights!! Let them have fun! That is what it is ALL about for me. If you have any complaints or suggestions for the website please free to email me or use the feedback form. That is why it is there. Thanks and enjoy the website.

Thank you. 

Joe Roberts