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My name is Josephine Camarillo ,and I enjoy playing softball for Runnemede. It is so fun learning new stuff! When I play in games , I always know what to do with the ball. My hitting improved a lot. I play for U-11-12 and so far this year, I hit four homeruns! I have four outstanding coaches Coach Shanae Camarillo , Coach Kim Nucaforia , Coach Shalon Mackey , and Coach Tom Sherry. Every one of those coaches taught me something new. For example, Coach Shanae taught me how to pitch better, Coach Shalon taught me how to play catcher , Coach Kim taught me how to hit better , and Coach Tom told me important stuff. My coaches made me a better softball player than I was in the beginning of the season. Me personally , I think these coaches should get rewarded or something , because they taught us great stuff. I love playing for your league and I love your website.
Your Player,
Josephine Camarillo (Phine)


Hey my name is Alycia Nucifora and I had an awesome time this year. All of my coaches, fans, and fellow teammates have kept my head up. I would also like to thank 4 different people who do so much for this league, Joe Roberts, Al Hastings, Karen Hastings, and Sue Mann. I have had an awesome experience with my 4 coaches, Coach Shanae, Shalon, Tom, and my mom, Kym. There is also 1 more person that I have had an awesome experience with and her name is, Josephine Camarillo (Phine), my soul sister. I started on the team only really knowing a couple girls and we all turned out being like a family. I lUv U gIrLs!!! OOHH.... and Phine....PRP!!